Prayer and Spirituality

Each day begins with prayer and contemplation. Prayer takes time. As Sisters, we are committed to taking the time to be with God in prayer. Our prayer life enables us to recognize God’s presence in people, events, and things.

Sisters maka a "joyful noise"Not only do we make time for personal prayer, we also pray in common. We pray the Liturgy of the Hours; participate in the Eucharist, and in the sacramental life of the Church.

Knowing Christ personally is important to us so that we can be Christ for others. We are always growing in our relationship with God and with our Sisters too. We are always eager to welcome others to pray with us. Through a rich prayer life we are better able to see things as God sees them.

Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange are called to identify with the self-emptying love and obedience of Jesus Christ. It is in being drawn into the mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection that we die to self and live in God and for others.  Learn more.

As Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, we embrace a spirituality of the heart, seeking to be faithful to the founding inspiration of Father Victor Braun, an inspiration rooted in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.  Learn more.

Prayer can be an individual or community activity. Like everyone, each School Sister of Notre Dame in the Central Pacific Province experiences God differently through prayer. We use our life experiences to develop a unique and personal relationship with God. … We invite you to explore ways to strengthen your connection to God. Learn more.