We recognize the giftedness of each person and nurture her contribution to the community’s charism, mission and identity.

Living in a community of Sisters is like living in a big family. Someone is always there to support and encourage you, to make your life stretch beyond your imagination. The best part is that we are all on the same mission to serve God, and to make a difference in the lives of God’s people. And like a family, there are good times and bad. There are occasions that we disagree with each other, even get angry at each other, but we are a community and are always there for each other.

Leadership of LoveAs Sisters, were are human beings with all the usual human concerns, cares, and activities that all individuals have—including needs for relaxation and fun. We have hobbies, take time to be with each other, enjoy getting together with friends, like to travel, and love to laugh.

We are people—we are people who have chosen to support each other, and to serve God with joy.

We are always eager to welcome others to live in community with us. Our community life points to the mystery of the Church, in which we strive to live, in unity while honoring our diversity.

Photo Credits: Leadership of Love - Congregation of the Humility of Mary; Background: Sacred Heart Monastery